Online Casino Gets Approval with 1000 Dollar Guarantee

One online casino has recently been awarded an independent certification from one of the world’s largest internet gambling portals.


The certification comes with a guarantee that if a player enters the online casino from the portal’s review page, the portal will guarantee any deposits made up to $1000, allowing players to trial the site with complete peace of mind.


It shows that the gaming portal has full confidence in their reviews and is prepared to back up their certifications by standing behind any online casino that gets their approval.


The online casino, first launched two years ago, has quickly become one of the biggest online casinos on the web. The company was bought out last year by a London-listed gambling consortium, which offers the site primary financial backing as well as having become a part of one of the best online casino groups.


The online casino scr888 features all of the best world-class casino games and now counted among the most dangerous competitors in the online casino industry.

The certifying portal is one of the best-known gambling information sites, offering tips, news, and online casino reviews as well as providing trustworthy certification. Before the site provides certification for any online casino, the casino must adhere to many strict standards, and the site’s operators rigorously test the online casino.

The whole process involves the tester checking every aspect of the online casino, as a player from the first sign-in and deposit right through the full range of games and services until the final cash withdrawal.


This process can take a few months, with the tester making many deposits, taking advantage of any bonuses offered, playing a wide selection of the games available, and testing the customer service center.


Customer service is tested with individual attention, as this is a point in which many great online casinos fail. The tester will utilize the customer support services through all available channels – email, telephone and online chat, at various times of the day throughout the testing process.


Questions directed to the support team will vary from simple, basic queries to complicated problems, with an aim to check that the online casino has a good response time, problem-solving skills and payout times, as well as a friendly, helpful staff.


The online casino must also show that they are legally running under the local jurisdiction in which they based, as well as offering fair play policies, information security, and sufficient financial backing. Sites must live up to their promised payout times, as well as any bonuses and comps promised.


This latest online casino to be certified has passed all testing with flying colours, and the gaming portal team are proud to offer as an introductory safety-net a guarantee of $1000. It means that if a player who enters the online casino from the portal’s link has any problems with the site, the portal will cover the first $1000 played.